Many women experiencing labor at home find the greatest comfort in warm water. If laboring or birthing in water appeals to you, you have a couple of different options. You can buy or rent a birthing pool (e.g. Aquadoula), which is easy to assemble, comes with single-use tub liners and has heating panels to maintain warmth over several hours. La Bassine is another option women have felt was helpful. It is an inflatable pool, but larger and higher than the typical kiddie pool.

If you are planning to have a waterbirth, the following outlines resources and information as to where you can purchase or rent birth pools and supplies as well as additional information on waterbirth. Please check the model and dimensions with Cara prior to purchasing your pool as there are numerous types and sizes available, some of which may not be appropriate for your birth.

Birth Pool Preparation / Supplies

Gather all the supplies. We recommend having everything ready by 38 weeks, but nature works in mysterious ways so the sooner, the better. Waterbirth specific supplies include:

– The birthing pool

– An electric or automatic pump (if you have an inflatable pool)

– Two hoses. The first hose should long enough to connect from a faucet to the birthing pool, and the second hose long enough to reach from the pump (which will be draining water from the birthing pool) to a toilet. It’s helpful to measure these two distances before buying the hoses.

– All the hardware to connect between the 1) faucet and the first hose, and 2) the pump to the second hose to the toilet. It’s good to do a run-through again at 38 weeks, setting up the tub with ALL the connections to make sure you’re not missing anything.

– 1-2 buckets or large containers. Sometimes the hose connections leak. These also come in handy otherwise.

– Extra shower curtains. In addition to putting one over your mattress if you’d like, these come in handy for any birthing pool puddles or leaks.

– Miscellaneous old towels. Dark colors, ones that you don’t care about, these come in handy for various purposes.

Local Birth Pool Rentals

We currently rent the Aqua Doula pool (including delivery, setup, break-down, clean up and return) for $325. To arrange renting a pool for your birth through our practice, please contact the office or email:

Following is a listing of local pool rental providers:

TEL: 212.388.1837 (our office)

TEL: 718.963.2852

TEL: 212.787.0942

TEL: 917.975.5921

KELLI (in New Jersey)
TEL: 973.655.9655