Your Pregnancy

Birth Preparation

Reading Material

One of the best ways to prepare for your birth is to do some reading. There is a plethora of reading material out there about pregnancy, birth and newborn care. The secret is to read books and talk to people who enlighten you about the birthing process, support you in your decision to have a homebirth, and minimize your anxiety about your birth. If your current reading material or birth advisors are making you anxious, open your mind to something new. Click here for a reading list to help you get started.

Childbirth Education

Many parents choose to attend a childbirth education class in preparation for the labor and birth. These types of classes are valuable in terms of preparing you mentally for the process and experience of birth, introducing you to others anticipating the same transformative experience, and in providing different techniques for pain coping ranging from physical postures to visualization. Before choosing a childbirth education class, think about what you want by way of labor and birth preparation and find a course which emphasizes the information most relevant to you and your choices about your birth. More information about childbirth education classes as well as a listing of local birth education providers we have worked with or who our clients have recommended can be found in the Childbirth Education section.

Birth Supplies

There are a number of items you should collect for the birth and have ready at least one month prior to your due date. These items are listed, along with purchasing information here.

Labor Support

Many women are choosing to have a Doula or other additional support person attend their births as a helping hand and experienced presence. By 36 weeks you should have an idea of who you want at your birth, what role you would like them to play during your labor, and have coordinated the logistics and timing of them getting to your birth location. For more on choosing a labor support personarea doula listings, and practical labor support information, please visit the Doula sectionhere.

Things To Keep In Mind

Preparing for the climax of your pregnancy is an exciting time. It is natural to have many mixed emotions and a time to work through any fears that may come up about the impending experience and (re)making of a family. During this time, it is especially important to stay well nourished, take walks, and be comfortable. Listen to your body and get as much rest as you possibly can (before the baby arrives). Relax and enjoy this final phase of your pregnancy and all that lies ahead.