Medical Decisions



A few guidelines to keep in mind when facing the battery of possible tests you will consider doing during your pregnancy. Just because a test exists doesn’t mean that you need to do it. Most of us think that we should test for everything we can and it will give us the certainty we crave of the baby’s well being. We are therefore grateful that such testing exists, and should be, as long as we don’t ignore the obvious caveat that we will have to deal with the results.

Usually the most damaging aspect of agreeing to many antepartum tests is that we are unaware as to what information the test will really give us. We tend to be a bit blinded by our desire to know everything, hence the reverence of the technology that can deliver this certainty. I know that because of this, the decision to undergo available tests can be a complicated one. Please discuss any questions or concerns you may have about these tests, during our next visit.


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Following are links to information regarding the complicated issue of immunizations:

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Following are links to research on the benefits and risks of administering vitamin K:

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(for a copy of the complete article, please contact our office)

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