Birth Supplies

Following is a list of things to have ready in advance of the baby’s due date by approximately four weeks. These items are of varying degrees of importance and have different functions, and if you have any questions of course we can discuss any details in person as well as what additional items may be needed and/or desired for your specific situation and set of preferences.

If you are planning to have a waterbirth or to labor in water, a list of additional supplies to prepare for this are listed in the waterbirth section.

Birth Kit Contents

The following items can be purchased at Birth With Love:

6 23×36 underpads
10 23×24 underpads
1 Cord Ring
6 packages (1per) 4×4 gauze pads
4 medium sterile singles-2vinyl/2 latex
1 bulb syringe
1 reg hat
1 peri bottle
4 sterile gloves, pairs, med-2 vinyl/2latex
1 paper tape measure
2 sanitary panties
2 straws
10 peach pads
10 pkts lube jelly
1 TB syringe
1 100cc syringe
15 alcohol prep pads

In addition to the above, please also have ready:

2 medium sized non-breakable bowls (for medical instruments)
2 – 6 old towels
2 washcloths
vegetable or baby oil (for baby’s bottom)
1 flat sheet
1 quart size Tupperware container (for the placenta)
1 shower curtain liner
wet wipes
bottle of hydrogen peroxide
1 newborn gown/outfit (see baby clothes)
2 receiving blankets
1 powerful flashlight