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directed by Abby Epstein

Cara is featured in this remarkable new film on the politics of birth in the United States.

In this candid, eye - opening documentary, director Abby Epstein and producer Ricki Lake tackle the controversial debate between at-home and hospital births in the U.S.

This film reveals shocking facts regarding the historical and current practices of the modern childbirthing industry contrasted with the realities of childbirth at home.

C A R A   M U H L H A H N   M I D W I F E R Y


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Labor of Love

In her first book, "Labor of Love: A Midwife's Memoir," (Kaplan Publishing, January, 2009) Cara Muhlhahn shares her fascinating personal story while providing an insider’s look at natural childbirth in the home setting. From tales of her formative adolescent experiences, to the home birth of her son, to engaging accounts of her 30-year-long practice of midwifery, Muhlhahn chronicles the unconventional decisions she made to honor her vocation.

In addition to offering a compelling personal narrative, "Labor of Love" gives readers insight into the home birth movement at a time when it is generating substantial mainstream interest – and controversy.

Now available for purchase! Click here to order.


ORGASMIC BIRTH film now available!

Powerful, passionate and thought provoking, with commentary by a dozen preeminent health professionals, and 11 women and their partners who share their birthing journey, Orgasmic Birth dismantles untruths about labor and birth that women have been told for generations. The women in the film are transfigured and transformed by the power of their own bodies.

Orgasmic Birth is scheduled to air on ABC 20/20 next Friday, December 12th. Please check your local listing for time and channel.

For more information on the film and where to obtain it, please visit the film's website at:

THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN is now available on DVD!

New Line Home Entertainment has released the DVD for purchase. It is now for sale at The Business of Being Born Store. The DVD of The Business of Being Born is also available for rental and online viewing from Netflix.

To purchase a DVD or to access additional information, birth resources, and more about the film and how you can participate in spreading the word, please visit the film's website.

The film's website also features a question and answer section where Cara and other care providers respond to medical and philosophical inquiries regarding birth policies and choices.


For the latest on birth politics and policy in the media, please visit "Pushed Birth" a fascinating blog that presents key findings, information, and press on birth and midwifery related news.


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