N E W B O R N  T O P I C S



In the days following the birth, any questions related to the care and health of your baby should be addressed to your pediatrician. If you do not already have a pediatrician, a list of pediatricians we have worked with or who our clients have recommended can be found here. (This is by no means an exhaustive directory, but a resource to make your search easier)


Choosing a peditrician for your child is a very personal decision. It is a process of selecting a practice that most closely reflects what is important to you in the style and philosophy of the medical care your child receives. Once you have found a practice you might be interested in, call thier office or visit their website and set up an interview. During that interview (which can take place at any time, though most parents-to-be choose to do so before the 36th week) you can ask the prospective pediatrician any questions you might have about thier position on various medical choices and treatments, on how their practice is run, how they handle emergencies, and their perspective on breastfeeding, nutrition, immunizations, alternative medicine, etc. Once you have chosen a pediatrician, find out their procedure for setting up the first appointment, customarily during the week following the birth of your baby. For more information, see What to Consider When Consulting With Prospective Pediatricians.


There are of course many many retailers for baby supplies and clothing here in New York City. These can be found in numerous directories such as New York Urban Baby so the listing on this site contains links for online and select specialty reatilers. Many stores provide registry guides, to give you an idea of what and how much of everything you will need (if this is your first time).


The categories to the left contain listings of online resources pertaining to each. Word of mouth however is often the most reliable means of finding exactly what you are looking for.